22LR Ammo for the Range in Buckets and Bottles from Federal

November 06, 2019

Looking for some 22LR ammunition to take to the range? The best 22LR ammo for lugging to the range to do some plinking may not be this stuff from Federal, but it sure has to be in the conversation.

Federal is packaging 36 grain .22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition in buckets containing 825 rounds and 1375 rounds. While Federal's MSRP for the 1375-count 36 grain 22LR ammo bucket is $85.95 (6.25¢ per round) AmmoSeek is showing this product as low as $50.91 (3.7¢ per round) at this time.

These bulk 22LR ammo buckets are made to be easily stackable and simple to carry to the range. You can bring enough for you and your shooting buddies! Though you may just want to shoot it all yourself.

While not a better deal than the larger bucket, the 450-count 22LR ammo bottles are listed by Federal at an MSRP of $30.95 (6.9¢ per round), but can be had via AmmoSeek for only $19.95 (4.4¢ per round) at the time of this writing.

These purchasing options aren't the absolute cheapest 22LR ammunition options cost-wise; however, the way in which Federal packages them may be worth the very slight increased cost for a comfortable, fun day of plinking at the range.

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