AmmoSeek Beta is Open

November 01, 2019

It is here. The newly redesigned, from the ground up, AmmoSeek is here for you to use. That's right, as of today we have officially begun the open beta for the new and hopefully improved AmmoSeek.

It has been a long time in the making, but today we have opened up access to everyone to use the new AmmoSeek. This marks the beginning of an open beta period to help us find additional problems and errors before replacing the current site.

This means there will likely be problems and you may find bugs. However, please, please, please send us feedback for any problems you discover. The data from the existing (old/current) site is backing up the beta site. This means you should be able to use your regular login credentials to log in (if you already have a free registered account).

Also, the site may sometimes be a bit slow as we have not optimized it for a heavy workload.

We don't anticipate there being enough problems for us to have to take the beta site offline or down; however, it is a possibility. Also, you may notice some things may not work temporarily as we update the site with new code from time to time. In short, if something doesn't work for you one time, please try it again to make sure there wasn't an ongoing update causing the problem. And if/when you do report a problem, please be as detailed as possible and provide screenshots (if you can).

Here are some of the new features to check out:

  • The site should function well on mobile and tablet devices
  • Filter within certain long form menus (search by caliber or mfg to see what this means)
  • Range of grains search option
  • Retailer reviews/ratings inside results
  • Site color themes for registered users
  • Sharing products from results
  • Probably more I'm forgetting at this time

Enough preamble... check out and start using the AmmoSeek Beta site at:

Oh, one more thing. During our closed beta test we had purposefully left a known bug in place and asked folks to find it. It was never found, so now you have a chance to win some cold, hard cash ($100) if you find it and are the first to report it to us. Good luck!

Please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts about the new site. The contact form is the best place to do so. Positive comments are preferred and criticisms are especially preferred.

Thank you!

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