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October 16, 2019

With the upcoming release of the new AmmoSeek.com web site, we are also going to be maintaining a blog. Yes, a blog. Just like everyone else in the world, AmmoSeek will now have a blog. It is here we'll post just about anything we find interesting from the humorous to the serious. Mostly we just want to have a place where we can provide AmmoSeek users with information about the latest and greatest items related to the site. We'll have tips for searching, feature updates, links to friends and more.

In this first post we are just going to outline the world of AmmoSeek in the Fall of 2019. So here we go:

The open (public) beta for the new AmmoSeek.com is available at:

(NOTE: This may behind a login/pw if it is not available publicly yet!)

The current (classic) AmmoSeek.com is still available at:


Our new documentation (geared towards the new site):


We aim to make the full switchover to have the new site running at the old/original URL by February 2020 and if things go well with the open beta, that could and should happen much sooner.

As always, thank you for your support over the last decade of our existence and we certainly hope to be around for another decade and then some!

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