Dropping Internet Explorer

October 25, 2019

Back in the day it became known as Internet "Exploder". With Microsoft moving on with their Edge browser and adopting the same rendering engine as Chrome, called chromium it is time folks stopped using Internet Explorer (Exploder). It is just not possible or plausible to make the web do what it needs to do and still support IE.

Because of this we have made the decision to not support Internet Explorer with the new AmmoSeek.com. Actually, the decision was technically made for us when the user interface library we use extensively on the new site dropped support for IE. This means that if you try to use IE on the new site, you'll get redirected to a message page pleading with you to upgrade to a more modern browser. The new site will not function with Internet Explorer. It is unusable with it.

We hope this doesn't cause too much headache for folks, but ultimately, it is a big step the right direction.

Note that if you wish to try out MS Edge with the chromium rendering engine you can do so by downloading it from Microsoft's Edge Insider Site.

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