Top 6 Reasons to Register for a Free AmmoSeek Account

October 27, 2019

If you want to utilize all of AmmoSeek's feature set, then a registered account is a necessity. With a registered account, you gain the following features that are either not possible or unavailable with a guest account:

  • Seeing more than 100 results at a time
  • Excluding retailers you don't want to see in the search results
  • Saving searches
  • Price alerts
  • Retailer ratings and reviews
  • Color theme customization

Let's take a deeper look at these one by one.

More than 100 results

Searching for ammunition, guns, magazines, and reloading supplies at is always something that we intend to keep free to use. However, due to bots scouring our results we have implemented a protection mechanism to only allow the first 100 results (first page) to be shown for guest users (users who are not logged in).

Once you register for a free account you gain access to up to 500 (5 pages) of results. I say it is free and I mean that in the sense of not having to pay for it other than providing your first name and email address. Please note that we will always keep your information private and never share, rent, or sell it to any 3rd parties.

Retailer exclusions

Sometimes you just do not want to do business with a particular retailer. Maybe they've wronged you in the past or you just don't like their shipping costs. This feature allows you to mark any number of retailers to be excluded from your search results.

This is effectively you having the ability to ban a retailer from AmmoSeek for yourself. While a retailer is on your exclusion list, you will never see their products show up in your results. This requires an account so we can associate your exclusion list to your account in our database.

So feel free to exclude as many retailers as you wish to keep your search for ammunition, guns, magazines, and reloading supplies free of those retailers you do not wish to do business with.

Saving searches

This feature along with price alerts can be essential tools for you to find ammo at the best price possible. For example, let's say you have a 9mm semi-auto handgun, and your favorite ammo is made by Federal. You can execute a search for 9mm Federal ammunition then save the search to store it in your account for later execution.

Once you have this search saved you can then set a price alert for those results...

Price alerts

Continuing the example from above, with your 9mm Federal saved-search you can set a price threshold of say, 18 cents. Once that is set and activated, if at any time AmmoSeek detects that there is a product matching your search parameters, we'll send you an email alerting you that your price has been met. So if that 9mm ammo is in-stock and available for 17 cents per round, you'll be notified.

Note that if you choose to do so (it is completely optional), we will also send an SMS text to your mobile number notifying you about that 9mm ammo meeting your price objective.

Retailer Ratings/Reviews

In addition, with a registered account you have the ability to provide feedback via our rating and review system for retailers. This lets you provide constructive feedback to fellow "AmmoSeekers" regarding your experience with a retailer.

Custom color themes

One of the newest user-only features of is the ability to set predefined custom color themes for the site. We plan on adding new ones over time. This allows you to set and keep your AmmoSeek interface looking as pleasing to the eye as you wish. Currently, we offer the following themes: gray ogre (default), gone green, dark demon (dark mode), bayou blue, and pink pussycat.

So yes, all of these features (and more) are yours for free with a registered account. Your only payment is your email address and first name. And remember that we will always keep your information private and never share, rent, or sell it to any third parties.

For further documentation (including a few other value-added features) on user accounts see the AmmoSeek Documentation pages.

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